Project Runway… or Nah?

By Zoe Pham Forget Project Runway or the overwhelming flash of the American catwalk; we stood in silence for 10 minutes watching a kimono fashion show.  I was excited to see any fashion, however traditional, in Japan. Although the kimonos would look nothing like the glamorous fashion of the Harajuku district, the kimono as aContinue reading “Project Runway… or Nah?”


Bamboo Forest and Monkey Park

By Sarah Birenbaum March 14 2017, our Japanese adventure took us to the bamboo forest and monkey park. The bamboo forest was absolutely spectacular. As we walked through the forest, we could feel a real connection to nature. The way the bamboo shot up so perfectly straight, made for some pretty aesthetic photos. The windContinue reading “Bamboo Forest and Monkey Park”

The Golden Pavilion 

By Ashlyn Martin The Golden Temple was very beautiful. The temple was very well-structured and it was an amazing sight to see. Also, the Golden Temple had an amazing history. The history was very deeper than I thought it was. It is a Buddhist hall containing relics of beautiful Buddha statues. It was formerly namedContinue reading “The Golden Pavilion “