Bamboo Forest and Monkey Park

By Sarah Birenbaum

March 14 2017, our Japanese adventure took us to the bamboo forest and monkey park.

The bamboo forest was absolutely spectacular. As we walked through the forest, we could feel a real connection to nature. The way the bamboo shot up so perfectly straight, made for some pretty aesthetic photos. The wind rushed through the bamboo shoots, and made a booming sound that one would not expect from something that appeared to be so gentle. The only thing that was not amazing was the freezing cold and rain that made our fingers and noses numb. As we raised our phones to take artsy pictures, our hands shook from the cold (I didn’t wear a jacket, sorry mom). But even in the cold, the bamboo forest was spectacular.  

Walking up the mountain to get to the monkey park was… a struggle. As said before it was very cold and a 20 minute uphill climb was the last thing any of us wanted to do. But, we must admit it was worth it. The view of the city alone was stunning but the monkeys were why we came. The monkeys got so close to us and we even got the chance to feed the monkeys. They were pretty small (for monkeys at least) and their little hands were adorable! They were puffy, silly, and overall an amazing experience.


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