Fushimi Imari Shrine

By Arlenn Maldonado 

Yesterday, we went to the Fushimi Inari Shrine. It is a place that has many Tori gates that are said to be for the perching of birds. The Tori gates, which consist of two vertical red beams and two horizontal red beams, are given by donors to the shrine. They do this so that they will have good luck with the gods. There is a game that is called omukaruishi in the shrine. For this game, you must choose one of two stone to lift up, if the stone is heavier that you thought it would be, then your dream will take longer to come true, but it will come true nevertheless. If the stone is lighter than you thought it would be, your dream will come true faster.

Like in many shrines, there is a place to purify tour hands. Since I did this yesterday, I had no trouble purifying my hands at Fushimi Inari. I think that I am getting really good at it. I also did the omukaruishi game. The stone was about how heavy I thought it would be, so I guess that my dreams are going to come true soon. I also prayed to the gods for my friend’s and mine’s health and happiness. The atmosphere was very calming and relaxing, despite the harsh cold weather. I will most definitely go back some day again, and I will bring my friends along with me. 


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