Holiday Traveler Gift Guide

With the holidays coming up, consider how some of your presents might do double-duty in terms of preparing your traveler (or yourself!) for an adventure. Here are my recommendations for some gear to consider to make the journey safe, easy, and fun. Luggage When I was in fifth grade, I signed up for my school’sContinue reading “Holiday Traveler Gift Guide”

The Archimedes Museum 

By Joshua Gurvey The Archimedes Museum The Archimedes Museum is a small privately owned museum in the town of Olympia. In the museum it shows various inventions that Archimedes and others created. Examples of these are “the wolf”, which was the first 3-dimensional crane that was used to move large, heavy stones. It was usedContinue reading “The Archimedes Museum “

Ancient Olympia

By Ben Mazzoni Today we visited Ancient Olympia, including the Archaelogical Museum of Olympia and the Ancient Olympic Stadium. Our tour guide took us throughout the ruins of the various sections of this ancient sporting area, which housed things such as the gymnasiums (in ancient times they were training facilities), several temples, stones recognizing victories,Continue reading “Ancient Olympia”