The Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion

By Derek Adrion

After leaving Athens we embarked on our trek to Cape Sounion to visit the temple of Poseidon. On the journey there we travel about the rocky coast and get to look out at the beautiful glittering ocean. Beauty truly worthy of being the domain of the Olympus god of the sea. However, when we finally arrive at the base of the hill that the temple resides on; one wonders, “why here?” With so much water around why build it on this piece of land? Walking up the hill you see the beauty of the ruins and the blooming flowers, but as you walk farther up you begin to understand why the ancient Greeks chose to erect this monument on this hill top. On top of the hill the whole expanse of the Aegean sea comes in to view and the experience is breathtaking. I simple can not describe its beauty. It seems a whole new shade of blue than anything I have seen. Truly an experience you can only understand if you were there. Everything about the area was beautiful. Beauty will forever be the word I will use to describe the temple.
After taking in the grace and rich history of the temple and being caressed by the ocean breeze and warming sun, I continued to explore the landscape of the area. The hill was covered in flowers of every color and the rustling of the grass in the wind along with the crashes of the waves was a soothing ode to the history of Greece. We even got a chance to get a glimpse of partridges. The story of how the temple came to ruin is unknown, but one theory is that it was caused by a large earthquake. If that is true it would be perfectly ironic for this Greek tragedy considering Poseidon is also the god of earthquakes. This will truly be a highlight of the trip.


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