The Acropolis Museum 

By Stephanie Luna

I walked into the museum & looked below my feet only to see the ruins of the Acropolis. It felt surreal to stand next to the structures that the ancient Greeks created with their very own hands. To think that the statue I was observing was a mere block of marble before the hands of a gifted Greek had laid their hands on it, was amazing. We learned that these statues were being cleaned with laser technology to preserve them.
At the Acropolis museum, we saw many sculptures and creations that most certainly did not lack detail. In statues with clothing, I could see the wrinkles in the dress and the curls in the hair. While exiting the museum, we saw tortoises roaming below us. We learned that those tortoises had been there before the museum was established. This goes to show that everything around us had history, we just had to be willing to learn about it. 


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