The Plaka District

By Gabby Knotts

The Placa district was a quiet and serene part of Greece. In the Placa district, there were white and beige buildings lining narrow streets and wild dogs and cats were roaming around waiting to be pet by strangers who were passing by. The community as a whole feeds these animals and gives them water. In other parts of Placa, some of the walls were coated in graffiti art that was what they used as their symbol of freedom.

The walls that were decorated with graffiti, were vibrant and added a good contrast to the white. From some of the little houses near the graffiti, you could see a part of the Parthenon. It’s sat on a high hill that towered over the tops of the little houses that had white steps with red brick roofs. Plants in pots outlined the white sidewalk and hung from above. We were so focused on the simple elegance of the neighborhood, we stopped talking and using our technology and just took in the quietness the beautifulness the small district could have.


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