Foods of Athens

By Steven Wolf

Hearing about all that Athens would have to offer made me ecstatic to begin our journey. One of the most praised things that people had recommended was the food offered in Athens. The first day in Athens was astounding. The food we ate for or first dinner was delicious, which we followed up with some local gelato. Gelato is simply amazing. It is so amazing, that I’m not sure I can ever look at American ice cream the same way again.

Our second day in Athens began with a great breakfast. There were many different Greek delicacies including feta cheese, nectar juice, grape must cookies, fresh local eggs that had bright orange yolks, yogurt, and much more. For my first lunch, I had chicken gyro which tasted extraordinary. I have no idea what the Greeks do to make their food so good! When we go back to America after our trip ends, I’m going to miss the amazing cuisines offered here as well as the beautiful views and the kindness of the people in Athens.


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