The Archimedes Museum 

By Joshua Gurvey

The Archimedes Museum

The Archimedes Museum is a small privately owned museum in the town of Olympia. In the museum it shows various inventions that Archimedes and others created. Examples of these are “the wolf”, which was the first 3-dimensional crane that was used to move large, heavy stones. It was used to build the Parthenon in Athens. Another of Archimedes’ inventions was the first ever robot. This robot took the shape of a statue of a person, that when one put a cup in its hand and pushed its hand towards its body, this would cause a system that would release wine, or if the person continued to press, release wine and water. 

Archimedes was a prominent astronomer and mathematician. He correctly calculated the amount of time in one year. According to the most well known legend, Archimedes was killed when Syracuse was captured after a two year siege. Oblivious to the downfall of his city, an enemy soldier approached him while he was on the ground with his circle. As the soldier approached him he said “do not disturb my circles,” causing the soldier to stab him, killing him. When the general heard of this, he honoured Archimedes’ will and gave him an honourable funeral.


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