Egg Mountain 

By Madeline Cullins

While in Hakone, we visited a mountainside where steam from the hot springs rose from cracks in the ground. This area is known for its onsen eggs- eggs that are hard boiled in the hot spring. Unlike a normal hard boiled egg, the shell turns black from the minerals in the spring and has a different, slightly sulfuric taste. These eggs are said to add 5-7 years to your lifetime if you eat one. The eggs are about 5 for a little under 5 USD, and the shop they are sold at also sells onsen egg merchandise, like egg charms, plushies, and other egg related knick knacks. This mountainside felt very magical to me and my friends because while we were eating our eggs outside, it started snowing. Naturally, we ran around like hooligans and I tried to eat the snow out of the air. It was a great time, 10/10. 


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