Ryokan (Traditional Japanese Inn)

By Katie Faour

“What if there are no outlets in the traditional hotel? “I can’t believe we’re sleeping on the floor!” “I’m glad we’re only staying there one night!”. These are all things I heard from my friends before we went to stay a night in the traditional Japanese hotel. Little did we know just how much we’d enjoy our short-lived stay there.

When we first arrived, you could easily tell how it differed from regular hotels. There was a pond with fish, and a counter where they kept the kimonos. After receiving our room assignments, my friends and I rushed up to our room. I shared it with 6 other girls and it was a ton of fun! We had the biggest room, which added to our excitement. We did in fact have outlets and a very nice, high tech restroom.

There was the option to do the Hot Springs in the hotel, which mostly everyone did. My friends and I meant to do it in the morning, but we woke up too late. The beds were surprisingly comfortable and the kimono dinner was so cool. The whole thing just felt like a big slumber party!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the traditional Japanese hotel. I would have loved to stay more and I would definitely go back.


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